Reasons to Try Joomla CMS for Your Website

joomla hosting

joomla hosting

Joomla is one of the most popular and user friendly CMS available. Are you thinking of setting up a personal web or an online shop? If you are, you had better consider this popular CMS. It offers you something different from other web design platforms. There are some advantages that you will get from managing your web content with this CMS. You do not need to formulate any program in programming language you are not familiar with. This platform will do it for you. Therefore, you do not need to have programming skill.

All about Joomla you must know

Joomla is a free open source web design and development platform. This CMS was first created about 10 years ago. The current version of this CMS is Joomla 3.4. After ten years of continous development, this open source web application has been upgraded into a more responsive and powerful CMS. Creating a Joomla website will enable your web admin to manage the content easily thanks to its fast response. It will also enable your web visitors to access your web content smoothly.

Joomla is very popular though it is not as popular as WordPress. More than 50 million users have downloaded it. That’s because this CMS is user friendly. With this CMS, you do not need to worry about mobile access to your website. It is mobile-ready and can be accessed via smartphones and PC tablets. You do not need to worry about the security of your data either. This web design platform offers you with excellent data protection. Excellent support is another thing that you will get from Joomla.

How to create Joomla website

Creating a Joomla website is easy. You do not need to be an expert in computing to setting up this website. As long as you have passion in the internet world, you can create this website from scratch. Before you install Joomla interface on your PC, you must have two things in your hand. In order to enable others to access your website, you need a domain name and joomla hosting.

Creating a domain name is easy. However, it can be difficult to choose one that you really like. In choosing it, you must choose one which is unique, memorable, and symbolize your website. And the webhosting service you choose must offer you with the best Joomla hosting service. Make sure that you get all the features that you need and pay it in competitive price.

After you sign u your domain name on a joomla webhosting service and purchase the right hosting package, you must install Joomla on your PC. You do not need to go to the Joomla official website to download it. The webhosting package usually provides you with one-click install. It only takes about 3 to 5 minutes to install this web application. After it is installed, you must log in first before you can manage your web content. You can upload anything on your website. Whether it is music files, video files, apps, or texts, this CMS will manage it well. You do not need to worry about managing your web contents because it has functional plugins, excellent support, and easy navigation management to make your website looks attractive and informative.

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